Download B. Pharma 1st Semester Question papers APJ Abdul Kalam University, UP

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Human anatomy and Physiology-I 2022

Human anatomy and Physiology-I 2020

Human anatomy and Physiology-I 2019

Human anatomy and Physiology-I 2018

Pharmaceutical analysis-I 2022

Pharmaceutical analysis-I 2020

Pharmaceutical analysis-I 2019

Pharmaceutical analysis-I 2018

Pharmaceutics-I 2022

Pharmaceutics-I 2020

Pharmaceutics-I 2019

Pharmaceutics-I 2018

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 2022

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 2020

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 2019

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry 2018

Communication Skill

Remedial Biology

Remedial Mathematics


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