Generic Aadhar Expands Its Noble Mission: Adds 111 New Franchise Outlets on Diwali

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In a significant stride towards providing affordable healthcare and empowering pharmacists as micro-entrepreneurs, Generic Aadhar, the largest pharma retail chain store, has celebrated Diwali by adding 111 new franchise outlets to its network. This move aligns with the company’s vision to make high-quality medicines accessible at reasonable prices while creating employment opportunities across the nation.

Generic Aadhar

With this expansion, Generic Aadhar now boasts a total of over 2600 franchise stores nationwide, marking a substantial growth milestone. The company’s commitment to its mission is evident as it plans to open an additional 200 outlets in south India at the beginning of the upcoming year, with a comprehensive goal of establishing a presence in all states and union territories by the end of 2024.

Emphasizing the impact of this expansion, a company official stated that these new stores not only represent a numerical increase but also translate into significant savings for countless individuals seeking quality medicines at affordable prices. The initiative has not only resulted in the creation of 111 micro-entrepreneurs but has also generated employment opportunities for hundreds of individuals, aligning with Generic Aadhar’s mission of women empowerment and fostering independent micro-entrepreneurship among pharmacists.

Currently, Generic Aadhar has a robust presence in Tamil Nadu, with over 300 franchisees and recent store openings in Pondicherry. The company envisions exceeding 1,000 stores in Tamil Nadu alone by the end of next year, replicating similar growth in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Notably, the Andhra Pradesh government is in discussions with Generic Aadhar for a new project involving veterinary medicines, expanding the company’s footprint in healthcare.

Speaking about future plans, the official highlighted the company’s commitment to growth and expansion, aiming to reach every corner of the country. Arjun Deshpande, the CEO of Generic Aadhar, expressed hopes that with the support of well-wisher Ratan Tata, the company can realize its dream of serving the 140 crore citizens of India by providing high-quality drugs at affordable rates.

Generic Aadhar’s overarching mission is to contribute to making India free from expensive medicines, ensuring the availability of quality drugs at affordable prices for all. When questioned about the company’s vision for south India, the senior officer emphasized that their goal is to provide quality generic medicines to all 140 crore citizens, with no geographical distinctions, as the company continues its mission over the next 12 months. Stay tuned for more updates on Generic Aadhar’s impactful journey towards accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

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