Helping the vulnerable Indian community survive sudden cardiac arrests is MedLern HeartCode

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A vulnerable population in India is now being helped to survive abrupt cardiac arrests thanks to MedLern HeartCode full training. The MedLern platform is made exclusively for hospitals in India to standardise and enhance training for their medical staff. It has an intuitive UI. Through training effect evaluation and nursing recruiting assessments, this platform aids hospitals in streamlining and measuring training implementation and hiring results.

“The likelihood of survival is significantly decreased when high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is delayed. It will take tens of thousands more certified teachers to scale up training for India’s 6 million healthcare personnel alone. It will be nearly hard to incorporate first responders, such as police and firefighters, as well as community members in this programme in a reasonable amount of time, said Deepak Sharma, co-founder and CEO of MedLern.

With presences in the Middle East and South Asia, Medlern collaborates with more than 350 hospitals, 80 nursing schools, and over 100,000 healthcare workers throughout India. The American Heart Association has trademarked HeartCode. The American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical jointly created the HeartCode Complete programmes, which are promoted, sold, and delivered by MedLern in India. HeartCode utilises the cutting-edge technological stack with sophisticated sensors, IOT, and analytics algorithms on MedLern’s learning platform, as well as the most recent research from the American Heart Association (AHA) on the best resuscitation techniques. Using multimodal feedback and individualised learning algorithms, the technology-intensive method may effectively train medical workers and regular folks in a few hours.

MedLern delivers omnichannel training provided through eLearning, Classroom, and Virtual, making training flexible and standard and matching the unique requirements of any healthcare institution in India. According to Sharma, the MedLern training platform is mobile-friendly to make learning easier for hospital staff members despite their busy schedules and to assure continuous growth in knowledge and skills. Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) self-paced eLearning and self-directed hands-on skill training with the RQI-P GO Simulation Station are all included in the programme. Instructorless programmes leverage a whole suite of cutting-edge technological advancements, such as advanced AI algorithms, IOT sensors, and real-time analytics, to assure successful acquisition of both theoretical knowledge and expertise in hands-on skills while executing a medical operation.

“Hospitals in India using HeartCode on the MedLern platform have demonstrated a considerable improvement in their ability to plan and carry out training, learning, and development strategies, leading to an overall gain in productivity, employee engagement, and compliance. The quality and risk indicators, particularly patient safety awareness, are also improving in hospitals that have been using the platform for a longer period of time, Sharma added. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) in the US has recognised MedLern’s evidence-based eLearning modules on key elements of critical care practise. These courses were developed in partnership with ASC, a division of AdventHealth University (AHU) and AdventHealth US.

MedLern and RCNi, a division of the Royal College of Nursing in the UK, have joined to offer continuing professional development (CPD) courses for nurses in India. Peer-reviewed and evidence-based courses are provided to advance best practises in nursing care and assist nurses in advancing their careers. At places like Aster MIMs in Calicut, RR Institutions in Bangalore, Hinduja Hospital and Highland Hospital in Mangalore, Premier Hospital in Hyderabad, CK Birla Hospitals in Kolkata, and others, MedLern offers digital training to medical professionals and nursing students. lkh


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