Mandatory Exit Test for D. Pharma Students – Dr. Montu M Patel

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Exciting developments are underway in the pharmaceutical education sector, as plans for a new pharmacy college are set in motion. According to Dr. Montu M Patel, Chairman of the Pharmacy Council of India, it will take approximately a year to establish this groundbreaking institution. The initiative aims not only to meet diverse educational needs but also to address practical requirements within the system.

Dr. Montu M Patel

Important Announcement in Babatpur Hotel: Dr. Montu M Patel Speaks Out

In a significant announcement made on Friday night at a hotel in Babatpur, Dr. Montu M Patel discussed the critical steps being taken to control fraudulent practices in institutions. He emphasized the need for a systematic entry into the education system to ensure the integrity of the institutions involved.

Thorough Examination of College Facilities – Dr. Montu M Patel assured that a meticulous examination of the facilities in the newly opened colleges will be conducted. This step is crucial to uphold the quality of education and prevent any irregularities in the system.

Biometrics and Timely Attendance Monitoring – To enhance accountability, the Pharmacy Council of India has initiated the process of installing biometrics in institutes. This measure aims to ensure accurate attendance records for both students and teachers. The move reflects a commitment to transparency and efficiency in the educational process.

Exit Test for Diploma Holders – In an effort to assess the educational standards of diploma holders, an exit test will be conducted before their registration. This additional evaluation step will contribute to maintaining the high quality of education and validating the competence of graduates.

Key Personalities Join the Initiative – Notable figures such as Pankaj Tripathi, Rituraj Tripathi, Sachin Aagrahari, along with others in the pharmacy field, have joined forces to support this transformative initiative.

Stay Informed, Stay Updated – As the journey towards opening the new pharmacy college progresses, we will keep you updated on further developments. This commitment to transparency and accountability marks a significant leap forward in the landscape of pharmaceutical education. Watch this space for more updates! #PharmacyEducation #InstitutionalIntegrity #BreakingNews #PharmacyCouncilOfIndia

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