At MGM Healthcare in Chennai, a challenging small bowel transplant using an airlifted organ was completed.

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An airlifted donor organ from Bengaluru was used in a difficult small bowel transplant by Dr. Anil Vaidya, director and senior consultant of multi-visceral transplant surgeon at MGM Healthcare in Chennai. Under the direction of Dr Anil Vaidya, who is regarded as a leading authority on all aspects of pancreatic, intestine, and multi-visceral transplant, MGM Healthcare offers a strong clinical programme for these transplants.

An intestinal attack (intestinal ischemia) and partial gangrene in the large intestine were both found in a 46-year-old Keralan woman who had been experiencing excruciating stomach discomfort. She had visited a hospital in Kerala after seeking treatment for her symptoms. Later, hospital staff members who were trained in medicine removed the diseased areas. She underwent additional treatment for the rare malabsorption illness known as short gut syndrome, which is brought on by a malfunctioning small intestine. The amount of water, vitamins, and other nutrients that people with small bowel syndrome can absorb from food is insufficient to support life.

Her condition was deteriorating, so Dr. Anil Vaidya and his staff recommended pursuing a small bowel transplant. While she was on the waiting list for the organ, the patient received liquid TPN (total parenteral nutrition), which was administered straight into a vein (intravenous). On April 3, an organ from a deceased donor was airlifted from Bengaluru, and the patient underwent the transplant. The patient is doing well and will soon resume her regular activities.

Dr. Anil Vaidya claims that the complete multi-visceral transplant programme at MGM Healthcare Chennai can help patients with severe gastrointestinal disorders such as short bowel syndrome, obstructed intestines, stomach, pancreas, liver, intestinal, and renal failure.

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