Jharkhand FDA Advocates Pharmexcil Shift: Proposal to Niti Ayog

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The Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (Pharmexcil), the government of India’s authorised agency for promoting pharmaceutical exports from the nation, should be transferred from the Ministry of Commerce to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, according to a proposal made by the Joint Director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Jharkhand to a member of the Niti Ayog. A significant benefit mentioned by Sumanta Kumar Tiwari, the JDC, in his proposal is that the export promotion council can enact stricter quality control procedures for pharmaceutical products intended for exports if it is placed under the control of the health ministry, which is concerned with healthcare and medications. The health ministry’s enforcement will increase the dependability and reputation of Indian pharmaceutical items on the global market.

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A benefit, according to the JDC, is that the Pharmexcil, if it becomes a part of the health ministry, will be able to concentrate on increasing India’s footprint in the international pharmaceutical market and more effectively remove trade impediments. Tiwari emphasised that a more focused strategy can be used to address the needs and challenges of the pharmaceutical sector in the nation as the ministry is specifically concerned with healthcare and pharmaceuticals in order to make his point that the possible rewards for the pharmaceutical sector will be significant if the council is under the control of the health ministry. The change will facilitate better cooperation across numerous facets of the pharmaceutical industry, such as drug regulation, encouraging exports, research and development, and public health. The development of better policies and strategies for growing Indian pharmaceutical exports would follow from this increased collaboration.

According to the plan, a council for export promotion that reports to the health ministry will support efforts to harmonise export-related legislation with national pharmaceutical regulations. Pharma businesses involved in both local and international marketing may see easier compliance as a result of the alignment. The move of the council will facilitate the promotion of vital medications and access to high-quality healthcare goods at the national and international level by fostering synergy between pharma exports and public health objectives. Another important argument raised by SK Tiwari is that moving Pharmexcil from the commerce ministry to the health ministry will have additional benefits that will enhance India’s standing as a centre for drug development and research. Increased coordination between drug discovery & innovation programmes and export promotion efforts may result from moving the council to the health ministry.


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