Health Ministry Unveils Draft National Pharmacy Commission Bill 2023 – What You Need to Know

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The government has proposed a new law called the National Pharmacy Commission Bill, 2023. This law aims to replace the old Pharmacy Act from 1948 and create a new group called the National Pharmacy Commission instead of the current Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). This change is in line with a law made in 2019 called the National Medical Commission Act.

National Pharmacy Commission

The government wants this new law to make pharmacy education better and more affordable. They want good pharmacy professionals all over the country. The law also says they will regularly check and improve pharmacy institutions and keep a record of all pharmacy professionals in India. They also want everyone in the pharmacy field to follow high ethical standards. According to the proposed law, they will set up the National Pharmacy Commission in New Delhi and get rid of the old Pharmacy Act. The Commission will have a head and members, and they will choose them in a certain way.

The Commission will work to develop pharmacy education and keep high standards for services. They will make rules for pharmacy education, institutions, researchers, professionals, and others. They also want a fair system for admitting students to pharmacy schools. The government will create three new Boards to help with this plan. One will focus on pharmacy education, another on assessing and rating pharmacy institutions, and the third on ethics and registration. These boards will have specific jobs to make sure pharmacy education and services are good.

The plan also wants to make sure pharmacy professionals have the right skills. They will work with industry and other institutions to use technology and new ways of teaching. They will also add soft skills and extra courses to the pharmacy curriculum. This will help registered professionals be more skilled and able to work globally. The government will also make sure new pharmacy institutions follow the rules. They will set up a board to assess and rate them. If a pharmacy institution doesn’t meet the standards, they might face penalties or lose recognition.

The government also wants to involve states in this plan. Each state will set up its own pharmacy chapter to work with the new system. The ethics and registration board will keep an online register of all pharmacy professionals. It’s important to note that the government has been working to change rules in the healthcare field. They formed a committee to review and change the old rules for pharmacy education earlier this year.

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