NeuroOne रीढ़ की हड्डी उत्तेजना के लिए उपन्यास thin film paddle lead के प्रारंभिक पशु प्रत्यारोपण को पूरा करता है|

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A medical technology business called NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation said that the first animal implant of its innovative thin-film paddle leads for spinal cord stimulation had been successfully completed. The devices are designed to treat individuals with numerous failed back surgeries syndrome, chronic low back pain, and persistent leg discomfort. In a sheep model, the study assessed the viability of implanting ultra-thin paddle leads in a range of diameters and forms. In order to access the epidural space and put the device there, a small laminectomy surgical technique was performed. In less than a minute, all gadgets were quickly forwarded to the desired area. For comparison, a rival silicone-based lead was also positioned. The veterinary surgeon noted no issues with the installation of the NeuroOne lead, which fit comfortably in the epidural space.

These findings proved that a thin film paddle lead intended to alleviate chronic back pain brought on by numerous unsuccessful back surgery may be successfully implanted. In order to improve the layout and positioning, more testing will be conducted. The business is also working on a percutaneous (via a needle) paddle lead implantation technique that would do away with the requirement for a patient’s back to be cut open. This percutaneous approach’s preliminary benchtop testing was also successfully finished. NeuroOne’s CEO, Dave Rosa, said: “This signifies a significant accomplishment for the business as we continue to create cutting-edge devices with therapeutic benefits and recording capabilities. Spinal cord stimulation has a sizable and expanding market. We are confident that our technology can meet the demand for better patient outcomes, in part because it may make it possible to insert a paddle device through a needle, provide a larger stimulation surface area for the spinal cord, have better tissue conformability, and extend the battery life of devices so that patients don’t have to recharge or replace the battery as frequently.”

In its early stages of development, NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation is dedicated to offering patients with epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, essential tremors, chronic pain from failed back surgeries, and other related neurological disorders minimally invasive and high-definition solutions for EEG recording, brain stimulation, and ablation that may enhance patient outcomes and lower procedural costs.

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