To evaluate the PEF rate of lung function in asthma patients, Tenovi develops a cellular remote Peak Flow Metre that has been approved by the US FDA.

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Tenovi offers Tenovi, a leader in US FDA-approved remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions, recently announced the release of its cellular-enabled remote Peak Expiratory Flow Metre (PFM). The device enables asthma sufferers to quickly communicate peak expiratory flow rate (PEF) and 1-second forced expiratory volume (FEV1) values to clinicians when used in conjunction with Tenovi’s Cellular Gateway. Millions of individuals throughout the world suffer from asthma, a chronic respiratory disorder, and accurate monitoring of asthmatic symptoms is essential for optimal management.

Peak expiratory flow rate (PEF), a crucial marker of lung function in asthma patients, is often measured using conventional peak flow metres. The manual tracking and recording of readings required by these devices, however, are often only available to a patient’s provider during an office visit. The ability for healthcare professionals to access patient data in real-time, allowing for early intervention and improved treatment of the patient’s condition, makes remote monitoring of asthmatic patient parameters highly desirable.

Nizan Friedman, PhD, the founder and CEO of Tenovi, stated that the company’s cellular-based peak flow metre was released today. “Today’s release of Tenovi’s cellular-based peak flow metre is a major milestone as it empowers physicians to provide better patient care and allows for significantly better patient adherence compared to the alternatives in the market,” she added. According to clinical care studies, determining FEV1 is the ideal way to assess lung function. According to a recent study, asthma patients fared better than other patients with respiratory illnesses when FEV1 levels were tracked remotely.

The Tenovi Peak Flow Metre is the newest addition to the company’s expanding lineup of cellular-enabled products. Tenovi acts as the fulfilment, data automation, and data aggregation branch for remote patient monitoring businesses. The most cutting-edge RPM solutions will always be available to our telemedicine, chronic care, software, and RPM service industry partners, according to Friedman.

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