To prepare and dispense Effervescent powder granules

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Object – To prepare and dispense Effervescent powder granules.

Reference – Gaud R.S. and Gupta G.D., Practical Pharmaceutics, CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 1st Edition 2002, Reprint 2019, Page no. 171.

Requirements –

  • Chemicals – Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium phosphate, Tartaric acid, Citric acid.
  • Glassware – 1 Beaker, Porcelain dish, Sieve No. 8 and 20,

Theory –

Effervescent granules prepared with tartaric acid only produce granules which are powdery and the final product will have a salty taste. On the other hand, if only citric acid is used, the mass will be sticky and difficult to manipulate. Therefore, a combination of the two acids is used to make a better granulation mixture. Sodium bicarbonate reacts with the acids when the preparation is added to water. The evolved carbon dioxide produces the effervescence. Citric and tartaric acids: The quantity of these acids is slightly more than is necessary to neutralize the sodium bicarbonate because effervescent preparations are more palatable if slightly acidic. Sodium phosphate is used as saline purgative.

Formula Table:

S. No.IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken
1.Sodium bicarbonate4.08 gm8.16 gm
2.Tartaric acid2.16 gm4.32 gm
3.Citric acid1.55 gm3.1 gm
4.Sucrose1.20 gm2.4 gm
5.Ammonium citrate0.43 gm0.86 gm


  1. Place a porcelain dish on a water bath with dish deep in the bath and heat the bath to boiling point.
  2. Powdered weight amount of substance and mix.
  3. Place all the powders in the hot porcelain dish on a boiling water bath.
  4. Stir the mixture by a spatula until the mixture has formed either a loose cake or a damp coherent mass.
  5. Mix the mixture continuously.
  6. Sieve no. 8 superimposed upon 20 or 24 and quickly press the mixture through the top sieve and then shake. The finest granules will drop through the lower sieve, leaving upon it practically uniform granules which constitute the required product.
  7. Spread the granules out on a tray in a warm place and dry for 2 or 3 hours.
  8. Dry granules are kept in a suitable container.

Category: Effervescent granules.

Storage: Store in a wide mouth container or separately wrapped in double powder papers.

Use: Antacid.

Result: Effervescent powder granule had been prepared and dispensed.


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