To prepare and dispense 10gm Carbopol gel.

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Object – To prepare and dispense 10gm Carbopol gel.

Reference – Mehta R. M., Pharmaceutics-II, Vallabh Prakashan Pvt. Ltd., 4th Edition 2010, Page no. 188.

Requirements –

  • Chemicals – Carbopol, Sodium benzoate, Calcium gluconate.
  • Glassware – 2 Beaker, 1 Measuring cylinder

Theory –

Gels are transparent semi-solid preparations for external application to the skin or mucous membrane. Gels are semi-solid systems consisting of either suspension made up of small inorganic particles or large organic molecules in a liquid vehicle and appeared jelly-like by the addition of a gelling agent. They contain tragacanth, sodium alginate, pectin, starch, gelatin, cellulose derivatives, carbopol, and polyvinyl alcohol clays. There are numerous gelling agents varying in gelling ability. 

Formula Table:

S. No.IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken
1.Methyl salicylate10 gm0.1 gm
2.Menthol2 gm0.2 gm
3.SLS20.6 gm0.20 gm
4.Carbopol 1 gm0.1 gm
5.Ethanol10 ml0.1 ml
6.WaterUpto 100 mlUpto 10 ml


  1. Weigh the calculated amount of ingredients. 
  2. Take the weighed quantity of menthol, and methyl salicylate in a mortar, and triturate properly. 
  3. Triturate eucalyptus oil and tween 20 in another mortar. 
  4. Mix all the ingredients together and triturate vigorously. 

Category: Anti-inflammatory

Storage: Store in a closed air tight container at room temperature, away from heat and moisture.

Use: For external use only.

Result: 10gm Carbopol gel had been prepared and dispensed.


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