To prepare and dispense 10gm Cold Cream.

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Object – To prepare and dispense 10gm Cold Cream.

Reference – Gaud R.S. and Gupta G.D., Practical Pharmaceutics, CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 1st Edition 2002, Reprint 2019, Page no. 32.

Requirements –

  • Chemicals – Bees Wax, Liquid Paraffin, Borax, Benzoic acid.
  • Glassware – Beaker, Stirrer, Water bath, and Wide-mouth container.

Theory –

Cold cream is an emulsion in which the proportion of fatty and oily material predominates, although when it is applied to the skin a cooling effect is produced due to the slow evaporation of the water contained in the emulsion. Cold cream is an example of a Water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion.

In cold cream, the major portion is the oil phase. Simply, the cold cream is an oil-based semisolid preparation. Cold cream is also known as Unguentum or Ceratum Refrigerants. Generally, it contains mineral oil, beeswax, borax, and water [1]. It is a soothing and cleansing cosmetic typically of oily and heavy consistency, used to soothe and cleanse the skin. It can be classified as a form of cleansing cream.

Formula Table:

S. No.IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken
1.Beeswax16 gm1.6 gm
2.Liquid Paraffin50 ml0.5 ml
3.Borax0.8 gm0.08 gm
4.Benzoic acid0.20 gm0.02 gm
5.Water33 ml3.3 ml


  1. Accurately weigh all the ingredients.
  2. Melt Bees wax, Liquid Paraffin and Propyl Paraben in order of increasing melting point in an evaporating dish.
  3. Dissolve Methyl Paraben and Borax in Water at 75⁰ C on a water bath.
  4. Filter it if required.
  5. Then add the above solution to the previously melted mixture with continuous stirring and form a homogeneous mixture.
  6. Remove from the water bath and cool to room temperature with continuous stirring.
  7. Add Perfume to the preparation at room temperature.
  8. Transfer into a suitable container, cork, label, and submit.

Category: Emollient and Cleansing cream.

Storage: Store in a well-closed container.

Use: Emollient and Cleansing cream.

Result: 10 gm Clod cream had been prepared and dispensed.


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