To prepare and dispense 10gm Shampoo.

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Object – To prepare and dispense 10gm Shampoo.

Reference – Mehta R. M., Pharmaceutics-II, Vallabh Prakashan, 1st Edition 2002, Reprint 2019, Page no. 235.

Requirements –

  • Chemicals – SLS, Sodium citrate, Methyl cellulose, Glycerin, Methyl paraben.
  • Glassware – Beaker, Stirrer, Water bath, and Wide-mouth container.

Theory –

A viscous cosmetic preparation with synthetic detergent used for washing hair is called shampoo. Its principal function is to clean the scalp such that it should become free from sebum and foreign substances. Shampoo also makes the hair lustrous and good-looking. In olden days detergent soap was used for washing hair, but nowadays it has been replaced by shampoo. Today shampoo has become an important hair cosmetic for both men and women. However, the detergent and other raw materials selected for shampoo preparation should be nontoxic to tile scalp, eyes etc. Apart from cleaning, shampoo may also be used for medicinal purposes (i.e., medicated shampoo). After preparation, each and every shampoo must be evaluated.

Formula Table:

S. No.IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken
1.Sodium Lauryl Sulphate10 gm1 gm
2.Sodium Citrate1 gm0.1 gm
3.Methyl cellulose2 gm0.2 gm
4.Glycerin5 ml0.5 ml
5.Methyl paraben0.15 gm0.015 gm
6.WaterUpto 100mlUpto 10 ml


  1. Initially, a solution of SLS and water is heated to about 80°C.
  2. Then, sodium citrate and methyl cellulose are mixed in the above solution.
  3. Add glycerin and methyl paraben to the same solution.
  4. Then make up the volume of formulation as required.
  5. Finally, transfer it to the suitable container, label it and submit.

Category: Cosmetic Shampoo

Storage: Store in a well-closed container.

Use: Washing of hair.

Result: 10 gm Shampoo had been prepared and dispensed.


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