To prepare and dispense 20ml Calamine Lotion.

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Object – To prepare and dispense 20ml Calamine Lotion.

Reference – Gaud R.S. and Gupta G.D., Practical Pharmaceutics, CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 1st Edition 2002, Reprint 2019, Page no. 103-105.

Requirements –

  • Chemicals – Calamine, Zinc oxide, Bentonite, Sodium citrate, Liq. Phenol, Glycerin
  • Glassware – 1 Beaker, 1 Measuring cylinder, 1 Mortar pestle

Theory –

Lotions may be used for local action as cooling, smoothing, protective purpose. Calamine and zinc oxide acts as skin protective and astringent. Calamine is chemically zinc oxide, coloured pink (or) reddish brown containing ferric oxide. It is insoluble and in diffusible in water. Bentonite is colloidal hydrated aluminium having capacity to absorb water. Sodium citrate acts as anti-oxidant and buffer phenol (0.2 to 2.5%) acts as antiseptic, preservative and local anaesthetic. Glycerine is humectants after evaporation of water, glycerine holds calamine and zinc oxide as fine powder on the skin and also increases the viscosity of suspension. Calamine lotion is used for relief from itching which may be due to allergy or worm infection.

Formula Table:

S. No.IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken
1.Calamine15 gm3 gm
2.Zinc Oxide5 gm1 gm
3.Bentonite3 gm0.6 gm
4.Sodium citrate0.5 gm0.1 gm
5.Liq. Phenol0.5 ml0.1 ml
6.Glycerin5 ml1 ml
7.Purified waterUpto 100 mlUpto 20 ml


  1. Calamine, zinc oxide and Bentonite were finely powdered in ascending order of their weights.
  2. Then sodium citrate was dissolved in 3/4th volume of purified water. This solution was added to powdered mixture and triturated.
  3. After that phenol and glycerine were mixed and then added to calamine mixture.
  4. This was transferred into a bottle and final volume was adjusted with purified water and labelled.

Category: Protective

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place away from light.

Use: For external use only.

Result: 20ml calamine lotion had been prepared and dispensed.


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