Unmasking Fake Pharmacists: FSDCA Rajasthan Exposes 101 Sham Registrations

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The Food Safety and Drug Control Administration (FSDCA) in Rajasthan has unearthed a shocking revelation, exposing 101 fraudulent registrations of pharmacists enlisted with the Rajasthan State Pharmacy Council (RSPC). This significant discovery comes after numerous complaints were received by the health department regarding fake certificates presented to the RSPC, raising concerns about the authenticity of pharmacy qualifications.


The health secretary received multiple complaints alleging the submission of fake certificates to the RSPC by individuals working in medical shops and drug distribution centers. The FSDCA conducted an inquiry into these complaints, revealing a pattern of individuals lacking any educational background in pharmacy but possessing certificates from universities across Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar.

Investigation Findings:
The FSDCA commissioner released a list of 101 fake registrations, pointing out that these individuals were neither students of the mentioned universities nor registered with them. Fake documents were primarily sourced from universities such as YBN University in Ranchi, IEC University in Solan, IFTM University in Moradabad, Bihar State Pharmacy Council, and Swami Vivekananda University in Sagar.

Immediate Action Required:
The FSDCA commissioner has urged the pharmacy council to halt the registration process for these individuals and revoke the registration numbers issued based on fraudulent documents. ADCs and SLAs in the drug control department are alerted to exercise caution in reviewing applications for pharmacist or competent person approvals, ensuring scrutiny of educational qualifications and registrations to prevent further fake certificates.

University Responses:
YBN University in Ranchi, the source of 45 fake certificates, denied any association with the individuals using their enrollment numbers for pharmacy courses. Similar responses were received from IEC University, IFTM University, Bihar State Pharmacy Council, and Swami Vivekananda University, confirming that the enrollment numbers did not correspond to any legitimate records.

Pharmacy Council’s Responsibility:
The FSDCA commissioner emphasizes that the pharmacy council must take immediate action in accordance with the Pharmacy Act 1948 against the implicated candidates. The government is expected to be briefed on the steps taken to rectify the situation and ensure the removal of fraudulent registrations from recent approvals.

The exposure of 101 sham registrations underscores the need for rigorous scrutiny and verification in the pharmacy registration process. As the FSDCA takes decisive action, the collaboration between regulatory bodies and educational institutions becomes crucial to maintain the integrity of the pharmacy profession.

Stay informed about the ongoing developments in the investigation and actions taken by the FSDCA and the pharmacy council to address this alarming issue. Learn more about the measures in place to prevent the recurrence of fraudulent registrations in the pharmaceutical sector.

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